We are a Harvey’s Pub… need we say more, world renowned for some of the best beers England has to offer.

At the Cricketers, our Harvey’s beer is even more special, as it’s poured straight from the cask… exactly how it should be, making it a firm favourite for beer lovers around the area.


All passionate beer drinkers know how good a pint of Harvey’s Best is… but did you know they brew much, much more and it’s always changing? Pop down to the Cricketers Arms and you could be sampling…

Harvey’s direct from the Cask

  • Lewes Castle (4.8%) – Sweet palate with notes of coffee and liquorice.
  • Olympia Golden Ale (4.3%) – a refreshing and light golden ale, with a soft bitterness – a hoppy summer favourite!
  • Sussex Best (4.0%) – a superbly balanced bitter, with prominent hop character, using a blend of four local hops, water filtered through the Sussex Downs over 30 years, and Harvey’s unique 60 year old yeast strain

Harvey’s from the pump

  • WHARF IPA (4.8%) – Modern heavily hopped IPA. Zesty and fragrant, this golden beer contains the very essence of our local hop gardens.

… and we do understand that not everyone likes ale, so there are plenty of other refreshing delights to choose from.

Pimms at the Cricketers Arms

And not forgetting those who would prefer something low alcohol!

low alcohol Harvey's best